4 Pillars

Place of strength | place pilgrimage | place to think | events

The pillars of the Jakobskreuz

consist of 4 elements

  1. Excursion destinations with splendid view and special „place of strength
  2. Place of pilgrimage and place of religious and contemplative events
  3. Place to think“ – place for innovative seminars, future talks, workshops
  4. Place for special events – exhibitions and lectures in the cross; appropriate events of all kinds around the cross


  • Located at 1,456 m above sea level at the summit of the Buchensteinwand
  • Jakobskreuz – height: 29.60 m
  • Elevator for 10 people
  • 4 panoramic event rooms
    of approx. 30 m² at an height of approx. 19 m 
  • 4 viewing platforms
    above the event rooms at an height of approx. 22 m 
  • 1 panoramic viewing platform
    on the highest floor of the cross at an height of approx. 28 m
  • NEW the Antoius chapel at the Jakobskreuz


Changing exhibitions and programmes will always revive the cross with new content.

  • Seminar rooms of approx. 30 m² – also for rent
  • All rooms are heated
  • 5 viewing platforms in all directions
  • Event rooms and viewing platforms can be rented individually
  • Private events possible

Event rooms for

  • Vernissages
  • Exhibitions
  • Product presentations
  • Lectures
  • Contemplative programmes
  • Readings



  • Fantastic panoramic view
  • Panoramic flower trail
  • Event area at the summit
  • Das Weitblick - restaurant at the summit and
  • Das Bergblick - restaurant in the valley - next to the valley station


  • Ski area with free parking
  • Free ski buses
  • Natural-snow slope
  • 80% of the slopes have snow cannons
  • Large Pletzi-Bear Park
  • Tour ski area

In winter the PillerseeTal is one of the most snow-secure alpine regions with a diversity of ski slopes, unique cross-country skiing trails and a deeply snow-coverd winter wonderland. With the Biathlon World Cop and the Freeride World Tour the holiday region is also a stronghold of Nordic sports and the European freeride elite. 


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