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Just sit back and enjoy.

Have fun!

Just sit back and enjoy.

To enhance the majestic effect a bit, classical music would be suitable.  Some monumental pieces of music with great bets that move in addition. May be you have something appropriate in your media library ...

Bergbahn Pillersee

Summer impressions

Bergbahn Pillersee

Winter impressions

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Enjoy the summer safely

Experience the Buchensteinwand together with distance and personal responsibility

The Buchensteinwand Bergbahn Pillersee team thanks you for the winter season and looks forward to welcoming you again in summer! We start the summer season on May 28, 2021. We are fully aware that the coming summer will bring a lot of uncertainty and open questions. So that you can get an overview, we have put together a comprehensive concept that should ensure a relaxed and protected summer vacation.

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