Erleben Sie den Sommer im Pillerseetal

Magnificent views!

The summer is playing on the Buchensteinwand!

As THE panoramic mountain in the Pillerseetal, the Buchensteinwand promises unique scenic views for relaxing sports pleasure. Hiking trails full of variation for all  levels are waiting to be discovered. There are also numerous mountain bike trails. E-biker? No problem! On the Buchensteinwand you can recharge your batteries everywhere  - both your own and the one of your e-bike! Enjoy our popular hiking- and mountain bike tours!  

Hiking area

The Buchensteinwand - Bergbahn Pillersee.

The unique panoramic mountain in the Pillerseetal! Plenty of exercise in the fresh mountain air keeps you healthy, young and physically fit. There is also a fountain of youth for the soul. A knowledge that has been familiar in the villages around the Buchensteinwand since a long time. That's why – since time immemorial – much emphasis is placed on well-maintained hiking trails, adventurous mountain bike tours and the interesting flower trail. In summer  numerous events take place on the „Buach“ – as the Buchensteinwand is called by the locals.  From mountain markets, art exhibitions to guided tours (with registration) - there is so much much to offer here throughout the summer.

We always strive  to fulfill all the  wishes of  our  guests and therefore constantly improve our offer.

Hikes in our area

Alp-, bike- and hiking trail Buchensteinwand

6,2 km

Uphill approx. 1 ¼ hrs. | downhill approx. 1¾ hrs. | height difference 600 m
Hike through the alpine pastures with wonderful flora and magnificent panoramic views. We start our hike in Flecken and walk along the forest road to the south and then via winding paths to the Kammbergalm (1.321 m). From here on, crossing the slope to the southeast, up to the ridge and then we head west to the summit with Das Weitblick restaurant. A detour to the reservoir of the Buchensteinwand with the unique mountain playground is definitely worth it. 

Valley station St.Ulrich - Kröpfstüberl - Buchensteinwand

4,15 km

Uphill approx. 2 hrs. | height difference 600 m
We start at the valley station of Bergbahn Pillersee, we walk in the direction of  St. Jakob in Haus to the first hay barn. From here on, the path leads to the left, past the Kröpflliftstüberl, uphill on a forest road and then left in the direction of the Kröpfllift mountain station, through forests and meadows towards the Kröpflalm and along the steeper lift path to the Buchensteinwand mountain station. Of course you can comfortably conquer the first part of this route with the 4-seat chairlift as well. At the mountain station, you can enjoy a beautiful view over the Pillerseetal to the rugged rock formations of the Wilde Kaiser and often even to the snow-covered summits of the mighty Glocker massif. 

Mountain station Buchensteinwand - Tennalm - Fieberbrunn - St.Jakob in Haus

6,4 km

Downhill ca. 3 hrs. | height difference 600 m
Across the riddge of the Buchensteinwand along the 4-seat panorama lift, from there our path leads downhill through lush alpine pastures to the Tennalm. From here further downhill to Pertrach, then right to Schönau via Inner- and Außergrünbichl until the junction to Rosenegg or via the railway passage. We keep tp the right until the signpost in the direction of Hochegg. From there, we turn right thorugh the forest, across the Rettenbach, then left to Mühlau past the Hörlhof, we cross the street and then continue along the meadow path in the direction of St. Jakob in Haus and back to the valley station of Bergbahn Pillersee.

Valley station St. Ulrich - kühle Klause - Buchensteinwand

4,61 km

Duration approx. 3 hrs. | height difference 600 m
From the valley station of Bergbahn Pillersee we hike in the direction of St. Jakob in Haus until the first barn. then we continue uphill on a section of the road in the direction of the Kröpflliftstüberl, then we take the forest road, we continue our path to the right in the direction of St. Jakob in Haus - ,,Kühle Klause“, at the first intersection we go left and we continue on the forest road to the Buchensteinwand. In Das Weitblick restaurant you can enjoy typical Tyrolean dishes. Dowhnill the path leads us via the Kammbergalm to Flecken and finally to St. Ulrich am Pillersee.

Flower trail - panorama route

1,6 km

Duration approx. ¾ hrs. | height difference 70 m
From the valley station, the romantic short circular tour leads to the east. Lots of trees, bushes and flowers are described on panels. Since some of these plants are very rare, it is also strictly prohibited to pick them. The most beautiful part of the route leads directy across the ridge of the Buchensteinwand. Once arrived at the reservoir, take the path back to hike to Das Weitblick restaurant.

Hochfilzen - Hoametzhütte - Buchensteinwand

4,8 km

Duration approx. 2 hrs. | height difference 600 m
From the end of the parking lot at lift in Hochfilzen/Warming, uphill on the  paved road in the direction of the "Untertenn" farm. Thento the right in the direction of "Breiteck" the steeper path leads through the forest and across the  meadows past the Hoametzlhütte directly up to the Buchensteinwand via the Putzstein to the mountain lake and further to the Jakobskreuz on the Buchensteinwand.

Valley station St.Ulrich - Flecken - Buchensteinwand

5,41 km

Duration approx. 1¾ hrs. | height difference 600 m
From the valley station of Bergbahn Pillersee we walk in the direction of Flecken. Just before the farms to the right in the direction of te Buchensteinwand. It goes twice through small pieces of forest until we reach the alp path. After a short stretch we go lift into the forest until we reach the forest road. Then back to Alpengasthof Buchensteinwand via the hiking path. 

Mountain biking

Whether a summit trip, a panoramic tour or circular biking tours, on the Buchensteinwand all mountain bikers and cyclists will be in their element, no matter if you are beginner, professional  or pleasure cyclist. The alp trail is accessible to mountain- and e-bikes as well as to pedestrians. E-bikes can be rented at the Buchensteinwand - Bergbahn Pillersee as well as at Intersport Günther directly at the valley station.

Our summer brochure

Die Buchensteinwand erleben

auf dem Themenweg zum Jakobskreuz

Entlang des Themenweges auf die Buchensteinwand wurden 10 Stationen errichtet. Diese sind frei zugänglich und können kostenlos genutzt werden. Die Stationen bauen nicht aufeinander auf, es gibt keine zwingende Reihenfolge - jede Station kann für sich einzeln besucht werden. Der vorgesehene Startpunkt für den Themenweg befindet sich direkt an der Talstation der Bergbahn.

Durch die Errichtung des Themenweges wurde ein zusätzliches, großartiges Angebot für Jung und Alt geschaffen, welches den Ort zusätzlich um eine Attraktion mit Spiel und Spaß bereichert.

Für Kinder

Zerkugeln auf der Buach - Spielkugelbahnen

Spielerisch die Wanderwege auf der Buchensteinwand um’s Jakobskreuz erleben. Unter diesem Motto wurden 6 Kugelbahn-Stationen errichtet – eine Station bei der Talstation, 5 weitere Stationen vom Jakobskreuz zum Speicherteich sowie bei der Hoametzl-Hütte. Hier werden nicht nur die Geschicklichkeit, Geduld und Bewegung mit der Holzkugel getestet – Spiel und Spaß sind ebenfalls garantiert! Die Kugeln sind an der Talstation sowie am Kugelautomaten an der Bergstation und bei der Hoametzl Hütte erhältlich.

Pletzi Bär Fun Rally

Mit Pletzi Bär einen Wandertag auf der Buchensteinwand verbringen – Pletzi Bär war rund um die Buchensteinwand unterwegs. Die Stempelkarte bei der Talstation in St. Ulrich abholen, die Pletzi Bär Tafeln im Wandergebiet suchen und das jeweilige Motiv auf der Rückseite der Stempelkarte abstempeln. Die abgestempelte Karte an der Talstation wieder abgeben und Belohnung abholen – 3 Stempel reichen aus.

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Experience summer in the Pillerseetal

Experience summer in the Pillerseetal!

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